The beers from Gigantic just started getting out a few weeks ago and the reception so far seems justifiably positive!  Gigantic IPA, Solid!, and Ume Umai have been a welcome addition to the beer coolers at cutting edge retailers and bars in Nebraska.  Now, get ready for more!  During the week of December 14, you should start to see Slip Into Darkness (a hoppy Cascadian Dark Lager), Superbad (an Imperial Stout brewed with Stumptown coffee), and a very limited amount of Most Most Premium Russian Imperial Stout.  Most Most is a bourbon barrel aged version of the brewery’s Most Premium.  That’s right…it got even more premium!  There will also be a small amount of draft IPA and Slip Into Darkness coming our way.

Gigantic Slip Into Darkness

Gigantic Superbad