Hey Folks,

A quick word about Weldwerks Brewing being “distributed” in Nebraska.

Some of you might know Alex, as I do. Alex is a former resident of Lincoln. I first met him when he worked at one my early retail accounts in the Capital City. Since then, he has moved on to work for Weldwerks Brewing in Colorado. A while back I happened to see him here in Lincoln. He told me he wanted to come back with some beer and have a little festiveness at a few of the places in Lincoln where he had close friends. He wondered if I could help him do that and I told him I’d be happy to do so.

I do want to make it clear that whatever is happening is what Alex wanted to happen and Good Life Provisions did not select any accounts. We are just helping out some friends to have a party or two. This wasn’t some business move to reward a certain account or anything like that. BUT, we do think it is super cool that Alex wants to share what he has become a part of since he left Nebraska and we are very happy we are able to help him do that. At this time, there has been no discussion with Weldwerks about any further distribution in Nebraska.