Life is a journey.

What Good Life Provisions does is PROVIDE for that journey. There are things you need at your fingertips…like awesome beer made by small breweries scattered across the globe. Or wine made from grapes grown on the estate. Or cider made only from real cider apples. These things not only help you feel good in the moments you taste them, but they also open windows into other parts of the universe. Consciousness expansion occurs, in other words. They connect us in simple ways. Ways too subtle to describe.  I’ve spent nearly 20 years drinking, home brewing, traveling, and meeting people who do a lot of those same things. And meeting a lot of people who do maybe just one or none of those things! Almost 10 of those years were spent in some manner of employ of Shelton Brothers Inc, a trailblazing beer importer and connections broker.  That job was at first a natural extension of what I was already doing: traveling around visiting breweries and meeting up with beer lovers in those places. It evolved into a lot more than that, and over those years I forged connections with many of the people I have now come to call friends.  When my wife and I had our daughter in 2014, we decided it was prudent to return to Nebraska to raise the little radical.  I also decided that it was time to move on from Shelton Brothers and start my own company.  Good Life Provisions officially started business in November 2015.




We are a young company, but we are proud to have so many amazing people working to make it all happen.

President/Founder/Original Provisionary: Matt Dinges


I like working here because I’m in charge. I get to do whatever I want. That’s cool.

Current Favorite Beer: Stillwater Yacht

Current Music Crush: Boogarins album Manual

Hobby: Working for Good Life Provisions (real job is raising RAD).




Bookkeeping/AR/AP: Matt Dinges

Belgium2007 043


I love numbers and checks and bills and keeping them straight, so this job is perfect for me!

Current Favorite Beer: Mikkeller Peace

Current Music Crush: Anything Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon

Hobby: Daydreaming




Head of Beer Brand/Development: Matt Dinges



My background in Beer Brand Development made taking a job as Beer Brand Developer here an easy choice!

Current Favorite Beer: There are SOOO many!

Current Music Crush: Metallica ONE

Hobby: hobbyist barber, if you need a cut just ask me!



Head of Champagne Acquistion/Tasting/Drinking: Matt Dinges

ChampagneNamed “The Future of Champagne in America” on March 12, 2012 by noted expert Shaun E. Hill, I am proud to bring my serious approach to drinking champagne to Good Life Provisions.

Current Favorite Champagne: There was this magical bottle of Larmandier-Bernier…

Current Music Crush: “Drivin’ Nails In My Coffin” by Ernest Tubb

Hobby: Drinking carbonated things




Head of Operations: Matt Dinges



It is tough to keep all these other folks in line, but I give it my best shot!

Current Favorite Beer: IPA

Current Music Crush: Led Zeppelin (probably III or Houses of the Holy). Pearl Jam is cool too though.

Hobby: Complaining that other people aren’t doing things right.






Head of Sales: Matt Dinges

Beer Fest


I like working here because I get to meet so many interesting people.

Current Favorite Beer: The AWESOME ones!

Current Music Crush: “Satan Is Real” The Louvin Brothers

Hobby: Working Out and being outside without a shirt on.






Delivery Driver: Matt Dinges



I went to pre-school with Matt, the beer brand developer, and he said I should try to get in on the ground floor of this company when I could. Turns out it is pretty cool to deliver beer to people. Generally, they like you and smile. That’s way better than my last job!

Current Favorite Beer: Mikkeller Peace

Current Music Crush: “Ruby My Dear” Thelonious Monk

Hobby: Stargazing





Guy that does weird stuff at beer events: Matt Dinges

bustrip 040


Sometimes you just have to let yourself live in the moment. Really, that’s pretty much how you should always be letting yourself live if you stop and think about it…for a moment.

Current Favorite Beer: Hill Farmstead Edward

Current Music Crush: Alex Bleeker and the Freaks album “Country Agenda”

Hobbies: Doing weird stuff at beer events and talking about existential philosophy.





Other guy that does weird stuff at beer events: Matt Dinges



It’s called a Tripod, and not everybody can do it. Even fewer people have the guts to do it in a public place. There was only one way I was ever going to make it into Dig Boston magazine.  And I nailed it.

Current Favorite Beer: Macro lager with spicy V-8

Current Music Crush: Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring

Hobbies: Tripods






Home brewer guy that knows a super ton about beer: Matt Dinges

It’s really cool. I help out a ton. Like when they get a new beer in and don’t know how many IBUs are in it, they call me (like when Rick calls a buddy on Pawn Stars). I taste it and give them a pretty good ballpark of the IBUs and usually I can tell what varieties they used and how they could have made it better. I also tell them a lot about my home hop garden that they never knew before. We work really closely like that.

Current Favorite Beer:  I just kegged a 16 Hop IPA that is amazing! Just a touch of Biscuit malt really sets off those hops.

Current Music Crush: Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon.

Hobbies: Homebrewing and hop growing!




Guy that takes pictures of people drinking beer: Matt Dinges


There’s nothing I love more than meeting somebody like yourself, getting to know you, and taking some action photos while I drive.

Current Favorite Beer: Barrel Aged Mischief Maker

Current Music Crush: Nick Drake “Punk Moon”

Hobbies: Going to art exhibits